Rhode Island License Plate FAQ

  1. What are the requirements for obtaining a Rhode Island license plate?

    To obtain a Rhode Island license plate, you need to provide proof of ownership, valid identification, proof of insurance, and pay the required fees. Visit your local DMV office or the official Rhode Island DMV website for detailed information and specific requirements.

  2. How do I renew my Rhode Island license plate registration?

    You can renew your Rhode Island license plate registration either online, in-person at a DMV office, or by mail. Make sure to pay the renewal fees and provide any required documents or information. Visit the official Rhode Island DMV website for more information on the renewal process.

  3. Can I transfer my license plates to another vehicle?

    Yes, in Rhode Island, you can transfer license plates from one vehicle to another as long as both vehicles are registered in your name. There may be specific requirements and fees associated with the plate transfer process. Contact the Rhode Island DMV or visit their website for detailed instructions on transferring license plates.

  4. What should I do if my license plates are lost or stolen?

    If your license plates are lost or stolen, you should report it to the local law enforcement agency and obtain a police report. Then, visit your local DMV office to request replacement plates. You may need to provide the police report, identification, and pay a fee for the replacement plates.

  5. Do I need to return my Rhode Island license plates if I sell my vehicle?

    Yes, when you sell your vehicle, you are required to remove and return the Rhode Island license plates to the DMV. This ensures that the plates are not misused or associated with the wrong vehicle. Failure to return the plates may result in penalties or complications during the registration process for your next vehicle.

  6. Can I personalize my Rhode Island license plate?

    Yes, Rhode Island offers personalized license plates. You can choose a combination of letters and numbers, subject to availability and certain guidelines. Additional fees may apply for personalized plates. Visit the Rhode Island DMV website for information on how to request and personalize your license plate.